Friday, June 5, 2009

Growing Up

We love Ms. Sue!!!
The Pledge to the flag and the Bible!

Jenna, "I'm gonna hide this balloon behind my butt and SURPRISE Jaden!!" Oh my.

Well, Jaden graduated from pre-school today. Yep, I had tears. He looked so big and was being so brave even though I know he just wanted to sit with us. I'm going to be uploading some video clips but mainly for family! I'm a horrible videographer.

Fort Snelling Solo

Jeff braved the trip and took the kids to Fort Snelling last Friday. They walked the entire thing more than once! Quite the troopers. All of them! I don't know if I could do that...and not loose the camera...or a child.


Milo is growing and now switching it up. He's been sleeping with Jaden or beside our bed. Jenna is NOT too happy and quite often ends up in either place. The other night Jaden and Jenna were having a conversation while in bed (hollering to each other!) This is what went back and forth:
"Jaden, Milo is MY best sister, EVER!"
"He's not your sister. He's your puppy."
"He is not, Jaden, and you ZIP IT!"

Friday, May 15, 2009

THE original cake!

Just an FYI....I didn't make this one. Should have looked at it again before attempting ours. Not that it would have helped me that much!!!

Ice Cream Spooning!

Tonight the kids had more fun with the spoons than the ice-cream. Who taught them to put their spoons on their noses by the way??!!!

Happy Birthday, Jenna!

We love you Baby! Jenna turned 3! Jaden had to point out her birthday door to her (forgive mom's hokey 3...creativity went out the window at 10pm!) in the morning. And she requested waffles so I hustled before heading off to school for the day. She helped me make her cake the day before. Oh, I soooo needed my cake baker friend Christie. She did Jenna's 1st birthday cake. This did not EVEN compare. Lopsided and uneven but we had fun!

A Girl and Her Dog

Nap pad sleeping!

Here are a few shots of the fast and furious friends. Inseparable. Milo will NOT sleep anywhere else when it's finally time to crash. I tried one night to get him to sleep somewhere else and he jumped down, went to her door, scratched and whined until I let him he could hop up on her bed. AND if for some reason she ventures upstairs in the middle of the night to the nap pad on the floor by my side of the bed...he follows her. I'm not quite sure how she can sleep with him on her neck but she manages!