Friday, June 5, 2009

Growing Up

We love Ms. Sue!!!
The Pledge to the flag and the Bible!

Jenna, "I'm gonna hide this balloon behind my butt and SURPRISE Jaden!!" Oh my.

Well, Jaden graduated from pre-school today. Yep, I had tears. He looked so big and was being so brave even though I know he just wanted to sit with us. I'm going to be uploading some video clips but mainly for family! I'm a horrible videographer.


Trash said...

So is he going to kindergarten next year? Also, I am home M/W/F each week - want to schedule something soon???


Matthews said...

Nope. He turns 5 two days after the cut-off and I'd rather not push him yet. Soooo, he's going to Hi-5 at the neighborhood school and then the following year he'll go to K! He'll be the old one in the class! I'd love to do something soon. I'll send you my number on a facebook message.

Granola said...

We love Miss Sue too! She is our Saturday night preschool Sunday school teacher. We always have hugs for her. Ebug will get to be in her class this fall!